Our Story


How it started

The first paper on EPPIN was published in 2001. But for several years before that we were already studying  the gene structure, mRNA expression, tissue distribution and protein function.

Proof of concept

In 2004, EPPIN was validated as a contraceptive target by immunizing male macaques with EPPIN and showing it reversibly affected fertility.

Finding the lead compounds

By 2010, we had created a 3-D model of EPPIN and developed various assays that allowed us to study EPPIN-SEMG1 interactions in-silico and in-vitro. A search for small organic molecules that could affect EPPIN function had started. In the process over 100,000 molecules were eliminated, finally zeroing in on a class of lead compounds that could be potential contraceptive drugs.

Est. 2014

In 2014, Eppin Pharma Inc was established in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Soon afterwards we filed a provisional patent on our compounds. 

2015 : App. No.: PCT/US2015/20472; SMALL MOLECULES FOR INHIBITING MALE FERTILITY              Filed 3/13/2015 , Issue Date 11/12/2019

Concept Validation

April 2018, we published the results of our successful proof-of-concept study in primates at the Oregon National Primate Research Center using our lead compound EP055.

Moving forward

In June 2018, we moved from Chapel Hill NC to our new location in Durham NC. We are in the process of developing an oral formulation of the drug for further testing, and continue experiments to elucidate the mechanism of action of our contraceptive drug.