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Eppin Pharma Inc

  Eppin Pharma Inc. of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is an emerging pharmaceutical company focused on developing a safe, effective short-term, non-hormonal oral male contraceptive pill.

Our Approach

  Eppin Pharma’s lead male contraceptive candidate is a small organic compound that binds to EPPIN, a protein on the surface of human sperm, resulting in the loss of sperm motility. This non-hormonal treatment is fast acting and does not affect the production of sperm. 

Our Mission

 Eppin Pharma’s prime mission is to develop a male contraceptive pill that prevents pregnancies with no side effects. Eppin Pharma’s vision is to provide a new male contraceptive that will revolutionize family planning.

Equalizing the Burden of Contraception

creating options for couples


An innovative step towards birth control equality

Easy to use with no side effects

Extending secure family planning options

Creating more flexible choices

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