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Sabrina Berndt interview Dr O'Rand

Eppin Pharma could change the way we think about family planning

December 12, 2019

Julianne Wey writes about the state of male contraception

 Male contraceptive developers seek reproductive equity amid limited options  

May 16, 2019          

Samantha Schisler of NC Biz News writes about Eppin Pharma

 Eppin Pharma wants to change the way you think about birth control

May 1, 2019

Barry Teater Interviews Dr O'Rand

 Durham biotech startup developing male birth control pill

 July 27, 2018 

in TIME Magazine

Are We Finally Ready for the Male Pill?

online April 26, 2018

print June 18, 2018

from a KGW8 News with Dr Mary Zelinski

OHSU study paves the way for future of male birth control pills

April 24 2018

from the Lab Manager

Male Contraceptive Compound Stops Sperm without Affecting Hormones

April 30, 2018

from Fatherly

New Male Birth Control Pill Looks Extremely Promising. 

April 24, 2018

from the New Atlas website

Male Contraceptive sinks swimmers without hormonal side effects

April 22, 2018

from I F.L. Science

New Male Contraceptive Slows Sperm Without Hormonal Changes or Side Effects

April 20, 2018

from Genetic Enginering& Biotechnology News

Swimming Sperm Stopped by Nonhormonal Male Contraceptive

April 20, 2018

from United Press International

Potential male contraceptive stops sperm, doesn't affect hormones

Aprl 20, 2018

from the News&Observer

Male contraceptive stops sperm's 'ability to swim'

April 19, 2018 Interviews Dr O'Rand

A New Male Contraceptive May Make Pregnancy an Uphill Swim

April 22, 2018

from UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine Newsroom

Male Contraceptive Compound Stops Sperm Without Affecting Hormones

April 19, 2018

from Oregon Health & Science University News

Is the "male pill" finally on the horizon?

April 19, 2018